Doreen Elizabeth Yellow Rose

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to my Grandma Doreen or Mummum as she’s lovingly known, so trying to capture her essence in a candle could’ve been a tricky task but it came really naturally. Roses.

If you’re new to Hicks Candles, Hicks was Mummum’s maiden name and during the later years of her life she suffered with dementia, which is why we donate 10% of all sales to Dementia UK.To celebrate Hicks Candles first birthday, I wanted to create something special for you. Something that captured the essence of who she was and tell you a little more other than “she had dementia” as she was so much more than that.

So our newest candle to the collection is the Doreen Elizabeth in the scent Yellow Rose. Her favourite flower was, as you’ve guessed it, yellow roses. In fact her favourite colour was yellow, she had tablecloths, clothes and even her bedroom was painted lemon yellow! She also loved summertime so it’s very fitting that summer has finally arrived just in time for this launch.

However, I’m launching this candle with a twist. Not only will 100% of the profits be donated to Dementia UK you’ll also get to choose the price you pay for it. All you need to do is head over to the product page and type in the amount you’d like to pay (in £2.50 increments starting at £5). Shipping is not included and will be added as usual to your final purchase price.

The candle will be available from June 1st until June 14th 2021 or until we sell out. As it’s our first birthday I’ve decided to extend our free shipping over £35 too! So not only could you get your hands on this very special candle for a bargain price and raise even more money for charity, you could get your hands on some other goodies AND get free shipping!

This is my way of also saying thank you to you for all your support over the last year and I cannot wait to see where the next year takes us. There are even more exciting things on the horizon. Steph x